Friday, February 12, 2010

Planning for High School =)

So I've been thinking about next year lately... Austin will be in high school already! They seriously grow up too fast, don't they?! I've also been thinking about the fact that our budget is kinda tight right now as well. So the wild thought crossed my mind that we should do a fund-raiser of sorts. I mean public, state-funded schools do fund-raisers every year (Austin regularly had a minimum of 3 per year in public school) & if anyone really NEEDS the help with school expenses it's the stay at home, homeschooling mom. After running the idea across several other homeschooling mommas I have learned that apparently it is more common than I initially realized so I'm thinking of maybe a yard sale or maybe selling some goods and/or services or both. Someone even suggested a small family business & getting Austin involved. Now THAT would be a wonderful idea!

What about curriculum? Well, I've created a rough "High School Plan":

So for science we will probably do one of the following:
  • Caninology (aka the study of dogs)
  • Biology
  • Geology
Luckily our Earth Science that we are taking this year counts as a high school credit (woo-hoo) so we will only have to take 3 science credits within the next 4 years. And I still need to work out the details of exactly what Social Studies is required so that we can make a decision on that too.

So right now, I'm thinking Alpha Omega English & History, Math-U-See Algebra, Caninology or Alpha Omega Biology, PE, & The One-Year Adventure Novel as our elective since Austin wants to be a writer. We may also decide to substitute the One-Year Adventure Novel as our English & use Bible studies and/or choir as our elective.

Wow, it can be difficult to KNOW what direction to take while homeschooling but I wanted to get it all out there so I can come back, look over it, & pray about it; letting the Lord lead me where He wants us to go b/c ultimately He knows which direction is best & His ways are perfect.

Lord, please guide me in all my homeschooling efforts. I can't do this w/o You & desperately need Your wisdom when choosing curriculum & the overall direction to take with homeschooling. Please continue to give us all the resources we need to homeschool & all the wisdom & strength to do this each day. Lord, please come & be with us each day as we school & teach us what YOU would have us learn. Our home/school is Yours & we invite You in each & every day. Lord, we love you & thank you. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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