Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation Week, a Special Birthday, & an Invitation!

So this past week has been vacation week for us but instead of going anywhere major we did a stay-cation, only going to local attractions... Tannehill State Park, swimming, the movies, & the zoo! I have pictures I wanted to share of the Park! This was my first time EVER to this park & it was pretty cool but I was definitely wearing the wrong shoes... flip flops!!!

And as most of you know it was Mike's birthday & our anniversary, all rolled into one, Friday, July 31st... 5 blissful years!

Pictures, for your viewing pleasure...

I attached a link to the slideshow even though I REALLY REALLY wanted to embed the slideshow! I just couldn't figure it out... I can embed it fine but I can't make the pictures go in the order I want them in, instead they're backwards (the last image shows first & the first image shows last)! If anyone knows the answer to my issues, please share!

Last but not least... a friend & I are hosting a wonderful marriage building seminar (The Love Dare, based on the movie Fireproof) on one of my fav Internet communities on the web, Just Mommies! Anyone interested come visit us at the board... just click on the graphic below for more details!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Preparing to Homeschool!

Welcome to our homeschooling blog! This is my first year homeschooling my 13 year old son and I am both nervous & excited! I have just finished loosely planning our year. Well planning the year for the subjects I have on hand, that is. The subjects I don't have on hand, I just ordered this afternoon... I am such a procrastinator! Planning our year has gotten me all excited... I absolutely can not wait to start our homeschooling journey!

What (8th grade) curriculum are you using, you may ask. Well, let me share...

Bible/Christian Worldview: The Summit Ministries, Lightbearers
Math: Math-u-see, Epsilon
History: Alpha Omega, History & Geography
Science: Bob Jones University, Earth Science
English/Grammar: Easy Grammar Plus
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000, Book 8
Creative Writing: Christian Liberty Press, The Exciting World of Creative Writing
Literature: My first thought was to allow Austin to check books out from the library & write a report but then someone suggested to use Progeny Press, which looks absolutely amazing but a little steep in my humble opinion. Well, I happened to find this at my library that I thought we could try... If this works, I thought we could see if the library has anything else similar we could use on other novels, and the best thing is: it's FREE!