Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Austin's First Short Story!

Car Crash by Austin

“Hey Nacy, what cha’ doin’?”
“Oh, nothing.”
“C’mon, tell me!”
“I already told you!” She shouted “I’m not doing anything!”
“You’re doin’ somethin’,” I argue, “You jus’ won’t tell me nothin’!”
“Can we go on one road trip without you two fighting,” Dad asks from the front. We are supposed to go to Atlanta, Georgia. But I hate this car!!! It’s cramped so I’m shoulder to shoulder with Nacy. It also smells like Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese!!! It couldn’t have been cheddar. I hate Swiss cheese but love cheddar cheese.
“Me fight?” I reply “Now I would never do that, right sis?”
A car smashed into Nacy’s side of the car. That the last I see before blacking out.
I wake up a few minutes later, under a red SUV. I smell gasoline. A lot of gasoline. I can’t move. Then I see a big problem. Fire! It’s everywhere! The smoke starts to smother me! I desperately need help. I look around frantically. Nacy is right beside me.
“Help,” I scream! I get Nacy to finally wake up.
“Wh-what’s going on?”
“A fire,” I tell her! “Now get up and get otta here!”
“What about you? Your leg is smashed under that car!”
I start hacking. The smoke is thick now. I feel Nacy trying to pull me out.
“What are you doin’, Nacy?!”
“Helping you!”
“Run! Get outta here! I’m a goner but you’re not! Get…”
I hear an explosion. It must be our car.
“I’m not leaving you, Lisa! We’re sisters! We both live or we both die!”
“Alright you stubborn fool! There’s a saw over there. Saw my leg off so I can get outta here!” She does it. But the pain makes me pass out.
Two hours later I awake. Nacy is by my side. The only other person is a nurse.

I don't know about you, but I like it!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lazy Homeschool Days! :)

Catching Up!

I know... I haven't update the blog in like forever!!! Forgive me!

So, what have we been up to??? Well, let me tell you...

Austin wrote his first Ballad Stanza in Creative Writing:
A feather floated through the air
birds flew over head in V’s.
A duck waddled by undisturbed
of the feathers that dropped down here.
It may be just me but I like it!!!

We are already finished with Math-U-See, Epsilon & according to the placement tests we're skipping Zeta (though we will be doing a decimal review) & then moving straight into Pre-Algebra! Yay! Austin's finally caught up & doing 8th grade math! He really flew through fractions! Wow!

He has also gotten his first report card & I must say he did well... all A's & B's! Praise the Lord! This is a huge improvement from public school & no Mama isn't just giving him grades... he's earning them! I think the main difference is that Mama knows what he's doing in school & not letting him get away with NOT doing work! In public school I had a hard time figuring out what he was doing so that I could stay on him to do it but not anymore!

We have also gotten his school pics done. My 2 favorites are...

We have been on 2 more field trips (one to a local Fall Festival where there were Civil War & American Revolution exhibits & one to an old mining museum/community)...

And our latest school projects...

I think you're all caught up now!